VPEN Standing Rules


1. VPEN Standing Rules will be reviewed and approved annually by a majority vote of the current Membership during the October general membership meeting, will be posted to the VPEN Newsletter and new members will receive Standing Rules in their new membership packets.

2. VPEN general membership meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Victoria Country Club, unless otherwise noted. Networking from 11:30 a.m. to 11:49 a.m. and the program will begin promptly at 11:50 a.m.

3. Local Annual Dues are $30 per fiscal year, which begins August 1 and ends July 31. The calendar year for the Chapter/Network will run August 1 through July 31 to coincide with the National Award Year and accounting. Local annual dues are due year to year by member. If a member fails to pay their local dues and national dues, their membership status will convert to “inactive.” Local and national dues are nonrefundable and need to be paid within 30 days of the renewal date.

4. Members are required to make their reservations or cancellations with the VP of Programming by noon the Monday prior to the general membership meeting and may be sent via Evite response, email, phone, fax or text message. All R.S.V.P.’s and cancellations received after 12:01 p.m. the Monday prior to the general membership meeting are considered late and the member will be charged the lunch amount due.

Ø  Members sponsoring guests should make reservations for their guests. The lunch cost for members is $17. The lunch cost for guests is $20. Members and/or guests must pay for meals before the meeting begins with cash, check (payable to Victoria Professional Express Network or VPEN) or credit/debit card (fees will be applied).

Ø  NSF Checks: The member will be charged the bank NSF fee in addition to the amount owed for lunch. All NSF checks must be paid within 45 business days.

Ø  Guests are welcome to attend three meetings annually. Following attendance at three meetings, they are strongly encouraged to become members in order to participate in the VPEN general membership meetings, events, or other membership benefits.

5. A member, or employer, may make a donation to go towards our scholarship fund that will specifically contribute to the professional development of our members at ABWA conferences. This scholarship will be used as additional funds to help with registration for current members at National and District conferences.

6. VPEN will have the following Board Executive Officers: President, President Elect, VP of Finance, VP of Programming, VP of Marketing, VP of Publicity, VP of Membership, VP of Communications, VP of Administration and Past President. Chair positions will be approved by President or the Board, as needed.

7. It is preferred that candidates nominated for the positions of PresidentElect or VP of Finance have previously served on the VPEN Executive Board.

8. Should any Board member fail to uphold their responsibilities, she will be notified of any deficiencies and the required corrective actions needed in writing.  If the deficiencies are not corrected within thirty (30) days, she can be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board. Any Board member that fails to attend three (3) consecutive Board meetings or regular meetings will be considered deficient in her duties, therefore Board will be asked to relinquish her position. Exceptions may be approved by the Executive Board under certain circumstances.

9. The VPEN Executive Board may authorize the expenditure of approved budget items without prior approval of the membership and unbudgeted expenses up to $1000. Requests for expense reimbursement must be made within sixty (60) days from the date the expense is incurred.

10. At the August Executive Board meeting, the VPEN Board will determine a budget for reimbursement per member to attend the ABWA National Conference based upon an estimate of how many members have expressed an interest in attending. This number of members shall be decided and approved for reimbursement by the Executive Board. The first preference will go to the incoming President. If she cannot attend, the Executive Board will select a Board member to go in her place. The Executive Board shall prepare a listing of those members who have expressed interest in attending and give such list to the VP of Finance. The Network will reimburse those members who pay the early registration fee for the representative(s) to attend the National American Business Women’s Leadership Conference within 3 days of the VP of Finance receiving their receipts.  If those members listed have not registered within 3 days of the early cut-off date for registration, the VP of Finance shall contact such members to confirm if they will be attending the Conference or not.  If not, the VP of Finance shall let the President know how many openings there are to attend the Conference for other members.

Ø  All members seeking reimbursement for attending National or District II Conference are required to attend all Conference sessions and will submit a written article or provide a presentation at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting on the event activities. Articles should be completed within 21 days of the conclusion of the Conference and submitted to the VPEN VP of Communications for inclusion in the next issue of the newsletter and verbal presentations should be completed within the first two general meetings after the conference.

Ø  All members attending a Conference must submit their report by the published deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS! Receipt of each application for reimbursement will be confirmed by the designated Board member. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up prior to the deadline should an email confirmation not be received. Conference receipts and articles will be submitted to the VP of Finance within twentyone (21) days of the Conference end date. Upon confirmation of written article, VP of Finance will disburse funds to recipient.

11. VPEN will contribute money to the Stephen Bufton Memorial Educational Fund and the ABWA foundation when funds are available, with the approval of the Board.

12. VPEN may consider any other rules governing the network, which do not conflict with ABWA National or Express Network Bylaws.

13. VPEN Newsletter VP of Communication will develop and distribute a newsletter to the membership at least 4 times per year. Distribution will begin in September.   A newsletter will be posted on our website and in the Community Connections  library.

14. VPEN will be a member of the Houston Area Council paying a yearly due of $75 that is paid in January of each year.

Ø  VPEN will appoint a delegate and an alternate delegate for the HAC. The delegate will have voting rights at each quarterly meeting. If the delegate is not able to attend the alternate delegate will attend in their place.


Ø  The delegate will report to members of the outcome of each HAC meeting.

15. ABWA’S Proud Code of Conduct All members agree to abide by ABWA’S Proud Code of Conduct…All members will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the American Business Women’s Association.

Ø  Members will not allow their personal beliefs and convictions to interfere with the representation of ABWA’s mission.

Ø  Members will always treat their member colleagues, guests, vendors and sponsors with honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and in good faith.

Ø  Members will maintain compliance with ABWA National, Chapter and Express Network Bylaws.

Ø  Members will not use their personal power to advance their personal interests.

Ø  Members will strive for excellence in their professions by maintaining and enhancing their own business knowledge and skills, and by encouraging the professional development of other members.



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